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For those who can't get enough American history, a Florida trip is a must. In fact, those who decide to settle down in Florida and buy one of the Sunshine State's luxury residences should have no trouble enjoying a wide array of historic landmarks.

Luxury residences are available near some of Florida's most popular historic landmarks, such as:

1. Castillo de San Marcos

A symbol of human determination and endurance, the Castillo de San Marcos monument in St. Augustine is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States.

Castillo de San Marcos was constructed in the late 1600s as a Spanish stone fortress. Today, the monument is a history buff's dream come true, as it features a large interior courtyard, gun deck and other historic sites.

Let's not forget about the spectacular view of St. Augustine that Castillo de San Marcos visitors can enjoy, either. And for those who purchase a luxury home near Castillo de San Marcos, they can take advantage of this wonderful view of St. Augustine any time they choose.

2. Henry B. Plant Museum

In the 1880s, Henry B. Plant built a massive empire of railroads, steamships and hotels. Now, Florida residents and visitors can check out the Henry B. Plant Museum to learn more about Plant and his impact on the Sunshine State.

The Henry B. Plant Museum offers myriad artifacts that illustrate Plant's contributions to the development of Florida. It also includes many artifacts from the legendary Tampa Bay Hotel.

Ultimately, the Henry B. Plant Museum is a must-visit for anyone who wants to gain deep insights into Florida's rich history. If you own a luxury residence in the Tampa area, making a trip to the museum should be quick and easy.

3. Flagler Museum

The Flagler Museum brings Florida history to life unlike any other Sunshine State landmark.

In 1902, a Gilded Age estate was constructed in Palm Beach for American industrialist Henry Flagler. This estate later became the Flagler Museum, a historic landmark that boasts changing exhibits, special programs, guided tours and much more.

At the Flagler Museum, guests can celebrate the life of Flagler. The museum features various collections and materials related to Flagler's life, along with artifacts that provide insights into Florida's history and America's Gilded Age.

As the aforementioned historic landmarks show, Florida is more than just a state that offers awe-inspiring beaches, gorgeous weather and fun, exciting amusement parks.

Meanwhile, if you work with a real estate agent, you can move one step closer to acquiring a luxury residence near one of Florida's historic landmarks.

A real estate agent will learn about your luxury homebuying goals and help you map out your homebuying journey. As a result, this housing market professional will make it simple for you to secure a luxury residence in any Florida city or town, at any time.

Ready to buy a Florida luxury home? Contact a local real estate agent today, and you can streamline the process of acquiring a deluxe residence in the Sunshine State.

Common sense is powerful, particularly for those who plan to sell a house in the near future. If you use common sense as you consider myriad home selling decisions, you may be better equipped than ever before to make the best-possible choices.

Now, let's look at three tips to help you take a common sense-oriented approach to selling your house.

1. Analyze Your Home

You believe you have a great home that will attract plenty of interest from potential buyers. Yet the housing market offers no guarantees. But if you analyze your residence, you can identify its strengths and weaknesses and proceed accordingly.

It may be beneficial to conduct an inspection before you list your residence. During an inspection, a property expert will review all areas of your house. You then will receive an inspection report that you can use to evaluate various home problems.

2. Perform Home Improvements

Home improvements are key, as they can help you transform property weaknesses into strengths. If you allocate time and resources to upgrade your house, you could boost the likelihood of enjoying a fast, profitable home selling experience.

Oftentimes, it helps to mow the lawn, trim the hedges and perform other home exterior upgrades to enhance your residence's curb appeal. Because if your home boasts amazing curb appeal, your residence may stand out to dozens of prospective buyers.

You should clean each room in your home, too. If your home's interior dazzles, buyers are sure to be impressed with it as soon as they walk through the front door. Perhaps most important, buyers will have no trouble envisioning what life may be like if they purchase your house.

3. Collaborate with a Real Estate Agent

As you explore ways to streamline the house selling journey, collaborating with a real estate agent may prove to be an excellent decision. A real estate agent can take the guesswork out of selling a house, and as such, help you achieve your desired results.

Generally, a real estate agent will make it simple for you to list your house. He or she also will promote your residence to potential buyers and set up home showings and open house events. Plus, a real estate agent will help you assess any offers to purchase your house and ensure you can get the best price for your residence.

Let's not forget about the guidance that a real estate agent provides as you navigate the home selling journey, either. If you are unsure about how to proceed during the home selling journey, a real estate agent can provide recommendations and suggestions. He or she can respond to your home selling concerns and queries as well.

For those who want to reap the benefits of a successful home selling journey, using common sense is ideal. Thanks to the aforementioned tips, you can navigate the house selling journey like a real estate market expert and accomplish your home selling goals.


Take a “walk thru” with the 3D Tour. 2,600 sq. ft. of incredible space! This ground floor, 3 bedroom, 2 bath Marina Southshore condominium is offered FULLY FURNISHED and TURN KEY (excluding some personal items). Open the front door to the “grand” open foyer. This floor plan has two large guest bedrooms a comfortable distance from the living area. Both bedrooms are as large as most master suites. The kitchen is updated with plenty of counter and cupboard space. Enter the family room and glassed-in Lanai with its wind resistant large glass sliders. Relax and enjoy the tranquility of the boats parading up and down the Marina. Not only will you fall in love with the view but also with the interior of this SUPER CLEAN condominium. Adjacent to the condo is a one car private garage with space for an SUV, golf cart, kayaks, bicycles and tools. Southshore’s lifestyle includes an “active” club house, large heated pool, 14 acres of green space, sunset views at the “point”, kayak access, pickle ball courts and even leased dockage through the Harbor Master at your doorstep. Burnt Store Marina and Country Club is still considered Southwest Florida’s Best Kept Secret offering the largest private marina in SW Florida (on Charlotte Harbor) with 525 wet slips and over 200 dry storage slips, fuel dock, 27 holes of challenging golf, tennis, waterfront dining, athletic club, walking/bike/golf cart paths and more. Come see for yourself why so many have chosen this fantastic, friendly gated community.

If there’s one room in the house most people long to be high end, it’s the bathroom. A room of relaxation and rest. The one place everyone can find time to themselves within, even if it’s two minutes. The bathroom is our sanctuary. And you don’t need to break the bank to create a luxe environment. 

Frame a flat bathroom mirror with molding for a classic and one-of-a-kind look. Detailed millwork is synonymous with an upscale home because more time and effort has been put into the fine details. Pick a style of molding that matches your unique preferences and a wood stain or paint color to match the rest of your decor.

A new shower head isn’t immediately visible so it’s not a style upgrade. However, it’s an upscale lifestyle upgrade to be certain. A rain shower head provides a steady, even flow of water while covering more surface space.

Update the light fixture(s) in your bathroom to change the aesthetics and light quality. There are many sleek, minimalist vanity light fixtures on the market if you are looking to keep up with trends. For a dramatic change look for sconce shapes that differ from those already installed. If you have bell-shaped sconces look for a square or rectangular option. If you have bulbs try ovaluar or sleek coned shape sconce.

Install matching metal finishings from the faucet to drawer pulls. Sometimes as we update our homes feature by feature mismatched hardware happens. Take the opportunity to create a cohesive harmony throughout the room by matching knobs, faucets and light fixture finishes. Knobs being the most budget friendly and easiest to swap, try to match these to your existing hardware and not the other way around.

A new coat of paint can make the world of difference in any room. Bathrooms seem to seldom get the same playful attention to color as other rooms do. And a color from years past can dramatically date a room despite more classic pieces within it. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with a pop of color. Or cover up tired blue walls with a neutral shade for a high-end look.

Invest in a towel warmer for a luxe after-bathing experience. With many styles to choose from you’ll be sure to find one in a style that fits your current decor without a problem. Towel warmers come as drawers or as a rack. Racks either install on the wall or come as a stand-alone piece. All three options can utilize an outlet without having to be installed as a part of your electrical work like a light fixture would.

One surprising way to upgrade your bathroom is with plants. Look for varieties that thrive off of humidity to create a lush, paradise. Plants have a soothing effect and will have your bathroom feeling like a true oasis. If you don’t have a natural green thumb consult an expert at your local gardening center to find those that will do best in the lighting and air conditions of your bathroom.

Your dishwasher is one of the best appliances that you own. It saves you tons of time and aggravation from hand-washing all of the dishes each and every night after dinner. It’s not an appliance that we replace often, so you need to make sure that we maintain it correctly in order to get a good lifespan out of your investment. Taking good care of your appliances can also help to keep up the value of your home when you go to sell it. Homebuyers prefer to have appliances that are updated and well maintained. Below, you’ll find some tips for extending the life of your dishwasher. You may not think that an item that cleans needs to be cleaned itself, but there’s plenty of things that you can do to keep your dishwasher clean and working well in order to have sparkling dishes.  

Load It And Use It

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to actually use your dishwasher. Running cycles regularly can help you to keep the machine running smoothly and keep away debris and food particles. If you don’t have a full load, try and run the dishwasher at least every other day. You’ll save money and energy if you wait to run the washer on a full load, so don’t overdo it. You just don’t want to go a week or more without running the dishwasher, as it will allow a lot of buildup to occur, making the dishwasher work harder to clean the dishes that are loaded in it.     

To keep the washer running effectively, you’ll want to always load it correctly according to the guidelines for your particular dishwasher. For a thorough clean, use a commercial dishwasher cleaner from time to time when you run the washer on its own without any dishes in it. This will keep a stench from building up and allow your dishes to clean more thoroughly.  

Scrape Food Debris

Although your dishwasher and the detergent are equipped to get rid of food debris, scraping food off of plates prior to loading them into the dishwasher can help to prevent damage and maintain proper drainage from the washer itself. The dishes will also come out of the cycle a bit cleaner than if you have left a ton of food and sauce debris on your plates. Scraping the food rather than pre-rinsing the dishes also is a good way to conserve water. While pre-rinsing your dishes may seem like a good idea, over the life of your dishwasher, you can save tens of thousands of gallons of water.